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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

" Pink is "Euphoria"; Pink is ' Beautiful ' "


" Pink is "Euphoria"; Pink is ' Beautiful ' "

Greetings to all of you at the advent of Dasara festival and I presume this mail greets you 'in the pink'. A feeling of well being, or ' Ubhayakuchalopari' in Sanskrit is the information I am seeking by the use of the English idiom 'in the pink'. The word 'Euphoria' also points at your well being.

The word 'pink' came into use in the 17th century when a colour combination of red and white was termed 'pink'. Magenta and White, Rose and White, Orange and White - these combination also produce a pink or pinkish colour.

In 1853 when Prince of Whales visited Jaipur, the whole city was painted pink to welcome him. Prince was also tickled pink, that means he was very much entertained and pleased for the importance and regards accorded to him by the people of Jaipur. Today a good number of avenues painted in pink provide a distinctive appearance in the city. No wonder Jaipur is known as the pink city of India. Hawamahal in Jaipur is a pink sandstone palace for ladies - the facade has 953 small casements each with a balcony and the lady members stand there to watch the procession below without being noticed.

A picture of 'pink'(Courtesy : website) below will no doubt attract your attention and interest :-

The word pink finds different meanings at different places. In Thailand Pink is associated with Tuesday. People born on Tuesday find pink to be a colour of luck. Any one can wear a pink colour on Tuesday in Thai.

Pink ribbon is an international colour for breast cancer.

Pink Spider is a popular American Power Pop Band. 'Pink' is a name of a song and an American singer is also famous by his name 'Pink'.

J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter&The Order of Phoenix, Dolores Jane Um bridge wear only pink colour and has a pink office. Pink Panther series are popular cartoon films associated with the star Peter Sellers. Pink Cadillac was a hit movie in 1989 starring Clint East Wood.

Pink elephant, pink laud are alcoholic beverages while pink gin refers to a cocktail.

Pink Slip is placed in an employee's pay envelope by an employer when they decide to lay him off. Pink Collar job is taken by most women after maternity leave, when they opt to work for little money.

Chandigarh, a modern planned city of India, nestles in a picturesque settings in the foothills of Shivalik hills is called "City Beautiful" which also means Chandigarh is pink.

Women 'for peace' use pink internationally.

Any plant or flower of the caryophyllaceous genus Dianthus including carnation and
'Sweet-Williams' is known as pink. Carolina pink is known by its pink-roots. Dutch pink is a yellow lake obtained from quercitron bark.

Anything small like a 'peep of light' or 'little finger' or a 'tinkling sound' can be referred as pink.

Having a small or half shut eyes can be referred as pink-eyed. Pink also means to wink or to blink.

Fashion world simply adores Pink as the most desired colour by women in style, as it makes them look much younger. Pink is believed to be a colour of the angles. 'Pinkies' are proud as they believe to project a honest image.

Pink poses no bar for any age as men and women of all ages look graceful when they wear pink. Qualities of peace, love, romance, happiness, femininity, adoration, are portrayed in a big sense with Pink.

Pink is well accepted in interior decoration too. Good sleep goes well in pink cloloured bed
room. Holiday mood is present in pink living room. Flower vases carrying pink flowers spread a sense of fragrance as well as beauty to the guests.

Pink frock, napkin, toys surround and adorn newly born girl babies as presents. Even their bathtubs go pink at times.

Wishing you all a pink Dasara first !



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