Wednesday, December 17, 2008

' In the name of God ...'


"God Willing...."

'Ponniyin Selvan', 'Sivakamiyin Sabhatham' fame and author 'Kalki' was asked once to write about something great but in pages of small length. 'Oh, God', 'What I can do under this stipulation'-Kalki prayed. He heard a voice as if driven by an impulse within himself, 'God only helps the destitute'. Kalki decided to write about 'God' at that moment.

Yes, there are some conveniences to write in the subject of God. A word can also describe God or thousand pages perhaps also will not be able to speak about His laurels. Bound volumes of books already exist in the name of epics. Another advantage that is available is we can have a free hand or write without any restrictions about the Almighty. We can make fun also. He will not come to the ground level to fight with you or file a case seeking compensation. Why go to that extent? Even when you blame him, he is not going to counter such moves.

While talking about God, what strikes most as enigmatic is the question whether 'God exists or not...'? The question dates back from the day man appeared in this world. Whether he exists or not, he doesn't seem to interfere in the matter involving men and his affairs. Assuming he does interfere, he does on his own terms but not at the behest or invitation of mankind.

One think that is definite, he does not fulfill wishes which are wicket in nature. He grants only good wishes - but not at all times or not to every body! The Englishmen pray " May God help the Queen, May He protect our King and destroy the enemies..'. This universal prayer that exists for more than three hundred years has yielded fruit in a way or other where as when an Indian make a similar prayer ' Oh, God !, please help us to rule the country', God seems to not to hear the call.

Mankind should be grateful to God for creating them. 'Kalki' feels it would be the other way round, God should thank mankind for creating him as there are no proof that God has created the man but there arise no doubt in the theory that man has created the God. But God does not at all feel thankful to mankind for creating him where as God, no doubt, is very much anguished to see men committing misdeeds in the name of God.

It is believed that God has created the resources like mountains, rivers, grains, plants, for the survival of mankind. But question arises at the same time, why there happens volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami es? Why cholera, plague, snakes, scorpions, exist because of Him?

There can be no other derogatory thinking that God has created the world only for the sake of man. Such a thought can be construed to be as height of arrogance. Creation of man can be considered as most insignificant in God's role. No one on earth knows the secrets of creation, neither there are men who know the secrets have ever opened their mouths.

There are certain strange habits in men. When he makes a big offer and puts the coins or notes in the great Hundi of Thirupathi Venkatachalapathy temple, he makes a prayer that his son should get a seat in the medical college. Man makes the God at this instant, as his commission agent. Sometimes a section of those who earn money through the back doors make an offer that they would put a percentage of their back door earnings in the Hundi. Does it mean that they could rest peacefully for having transfered the sins of commissions and misdeeds on God?

'Kalki', the great quick witted author, makes an appeal to the readers that never take him to be an atheist. Kalki makes an solemn assurance that he believes in the existence of God and also humbly admits that God helps those who believe in Him.

His belief in God has helped Kalki to thwart any approaches by the agents who deal in Life Insurance. Kalki sends them back with an assurance that nothing would happen to him or to his family as they all had staunch belief in God. God will help if men may call, as the blue sky bends over all. There will be some source of water from somewhere to bring up the trees once they stand planted. The agents plead to Kalki, the author not to make that kind of propaganda lest they could not make a livelihood.

Ggo gives one more boon to man. In the name of God, man can make untruth as truth. We see in civil courts, people who happen to stand in the witness stand are required ti take a pledge that in the name of God, they speak truth, only truth and nothing but truth. The good name of God is practically in good stead and comes handy and used as a tool in these occasions.

Why go to that extent? Many, amidst us, feel that it is impossible to survive or keep one's life alive, without implicit faith in God.



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