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Friday, February 20, 2009

' The story of Koteeswaran or Krorepathy '

"Common Sense plays a vital role to beat Recession.
- P.Natarajan

'Koteeswaran' who is the hero of our story was an illiterate person. He met both ends of his wants by running a petty shop on the road side. Koteeswaran never read a news paper, nor had interest to watch TV or listen to Radio.

He had the virtue of extending a good service to all those who came to his shop for their needs. What the people liked in him most was his 'never say no' attitude. He kept sufficient stock of fast moving items also was vigilant enough to stock such items which may be required once in a way or by a few customers that too all of a sudden. As demand for common items always grow, Koteeswaran realised that his shop sold more volumes day by day and the proceeds fetched a considerable margin.

He was not avaricious. He had enough common sense to re-invest the extra margin into his own business by employing additional sales women and men and by stocking novel items with a view to attract new customers. As an illiterate person he was not knowing what is diversification nor the timing of implementing such a strategy. But he was doing exactly the same with his hunch or premonition. He acquired the vacant lying next to his shop and expanded the petty shop to an emporium which are nowadays more commonly known as ' Fab-Mals' or 'Food Worlds' or simply 'Supermarkets'.

His earnings showed a sharp rise in line with his own name. He introduced home deliveries also at no extra premium. He attained a status symbol and 'Koteeswaran' was the name in everybody's mouth for all their needs.

Koteeswaran's son who had recently graduated from college, joined his father. He had different views. He narrated that the western world was experiencing a melt down or a recession and that it had deep roots to spread into the Asian and Indian markets. He advised his dad to get prepared to meet the oncoming recession.

The man thought that his son had a brilliant education, was well read and well versed with current situations and should therefore follow his advice. He reduced the staff strength, cut off stocking novel items, changed the policy of keeping sufficient stock to minimum levels and discontinued home services. He informally told his customers the ongoing recession world over is hitting his business and he was constrained to take such precaution...

And soon business in his shop started coming down, also the profit margin. The father said to his son " Son, you are absolutely right. We are in the middle of a recession and a crisis. I am glad you warned me ahead of time".

Very soon visitors to his shop got reduced, sales dwindled and a shop which was once busy started witnessing dull moments.

Moral of the story is very clear. It is all in your mind. we fuel the recession much more than we think we do!! We confuse intelligence with judgment. Go for value based advice but make or take your own decision. Retain the belief in your people. Cut down costs and consolidate the business. Make people believe in your positive approach and in commitments you make. Give scant respect to walking encyclopedias. Know that common sense which is more uncommon is valuable. You can beat the recession anytime provided you have the right mind set.



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