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Friday, August 28, 2009

' WHO IS THIS BOY " ? !! ?


1) " Who is this Boy " ?!!? - a virtual translation of the question into Tamil will bring to the fore the name " PILLAIYAR " !!

Being Ganesh Chathurthi fortnight, let us look into the glory of Lord Ganesa !

2) Gajanana- HE vanquishes Gajasura after His avatar to Parvathy and Parameswara on " Vinayaka Chathurthi Day'

3) Vigna Vinayaka - In His avatar to Varenyan and Pushpavathy, He removes all obstacles or ' Vigna'(s).

4) Vakra Thunda Ganapathy - HE is the first God - Married to Siddhi and Buddhi, creates 'Trimurthi' and asks them to perform ' Chathurthi Vratham' and thus empowers them.

5) Mayuresa Ganapathy - Parvathy and Parameswara observe ' Chathurthi Vratha' and beget Ganesa who marry Brahmaputhries Siddhi and Bhuddhi. HE kills an Asura ' Sindhu' who was in the form of 'Mayura' or 'peacock'. ' Mayura' becomes one of Ganapathy's vehicles subsequently.

6) Chintamani Ganapathy - HE presents ' Chintamani ' - the jewel to His father Abhijith, Gunavathi's husband in that Avatar.

7) Balchandra - Ganesa swallows an Asura by name Anala ( anala means fire ) at the requests of Devas. Ganesa wears ' Chandra' , the moon , on his forehead by way of cooling the heat generated within him after killing ' Anala '.

8) Ganesa - In the company of ' Gana(s)', He kills ' Bali ', the Asura and gets the name ' Ganesa '.

9) Ganapathy - Parvathy & Parameswara looks at the wall painting of an 'Elephant Couple' - Ganapathy avatar takes place who kills ' Gajasura'

10) Madhothkadar - His avatar to Athithi in response to the prayers of Kasyapa Rishi and vanqishes ' Devanthaka(s) - Naranthaka(s).

11) Dundu Ganapathy - Lord Viswanatha who resides in Varanasi Kshethra creates from the face of Uma Maheswari, the Lord Ganapathy with five faces for killing Dhurasadan.

12) Valabh Ganapathy - In response to the prayers of Parvathy & Parameshwara, Ganapathy takes avatar and marries Marichi's daughter ' Vallabh '

Note:- These 12 avatars of Ganesa are described in ' Parkava Purana' as told by Ganesa . Himself, to His brother ' Kumara' (Subhramanya).

Is Ganesa a Brahmachari or Married ? - We see Him with two wives, or One or as Bramhachari at some places. Here is the explanation:-

HE is with His consorts Siddhi and Buddhi in a place known as Anandabhuvanam. Gyana is personification of Brahmaswarupa. Vinayaka, as alone, is in this form. Buddhi is the goddess of desire.Siddhi is the goddess of ' Work-Force' or 'KRIYA'. " Gyana " when viewed as a force, can be effective only along with ' Siddhi and Buddhi". When "Srishti' or creation is taking place , Vinayaka is seen with two escorts 'Siddhi & Buddhi'.

When the ' Prapancha' is still, He takes to Himself Siddhi & Buddhi and appears 'Single', the popular term for singlehood is 'Bramhachari'.

Asuras are in the form of ' Angyana' or live in total ignorance. Vinayaka, in the form of Jyothi swaroopa or Gyana, kills them singularly.

Ganesa is thus worshipped in all the three forms as described above.

' Warm Greetings to all of you ' during this fortnight of 'Ganesa Chathurthi' !!!!



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