Saturday, February 07, 2009

While Nature Enchants, Nurture Regulates !

Nature and Nurture can be called as two sides of a coin. The personality traits of a person can be argued to be a sum total of these two phenomenon. They wield a high influence to understand what a person is today.

The looks, traits relies upon the concept of inborn biology. They get genetically passed down. This is well known as the inheritance factor. A new born does not have a blank state of personality. It inherits the most common traits of its forefathers. Nature can be rightly called as our genetic gift.

However, whether one carries his or her inherited qualities in future depends upon certain conditions, the most important being the environment. Nurture can be debated as the cause of one's behavior as well as characteristics. Imagine the children though born in a good family is brought up in different background or environment - this can change how they turn out. A plant can get the benefit of copious water supply, air, sun light, good soil and care - its quality and growth will be appreciable where as the same plant subject to unhealthy environment like a bad soil may wither out rapidly. The society background or simply the environment is crucial to child's development, thus giving nurture a face lift in its importance over nature.

Nature which is a type of genetic endowment, forms one side of the coin ,
while nurture which determines the development of traits or personality characteristics, occupies the other side of the coin.

The argument whether it is a good soil or bad is applicable here. Our genes are important because what we have inherited is essentially the basis of what kind of person we are, but the environment can alter and develop a person even more. Nature and nurture are tied in together in many ways than one.

Studies carried out on twin brothers bring out whether hereditary is the leading factor or if it is the environment. The twins shared common interest in spicy food, were good in arithmetic, loved music. The difference they showed was in working habits and thoughts. One brother was liberal the other was traditional. They had similarities due to hereditary but differences because they grew up in two different environments.

While nature is important in acquiring the traits, it is nurture that is viewed as important in altering the acquired traits.

The concept can be extended to society also. People who have a genetic impulse group together and a society begins to exist. If you were to be away from the society and wish to be lonely, that is a genetic behaviour.
Society can send messages to other individuals and influence their trends which indicates that nature can influence nurture.

Nurture has a larger effect on us than nature. It alters the trends and builds the characteristics as we grow up. It can be summed up while nature makes us who we are, nurture cultivates our nature and regulates our being in the long time to come.



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