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Thursday, October 23, 2008

"An Anatomy of Anger":

This treatise talks about the psychological aspects about anger which always goes as a characteristic feature of an individual. We can not draw any line or call for common denominators to measure the aspects of anger with respect to an individual too. However the psychological aspects of anger is taken up for an overview in this essay.

(1)It can be easily understood that one's anger wields no power to alter the stand taken by the opponent. But, at the same time, it can rouse the temper of the outside source. Naturally the conditions imposed by both the angry parties will widen the already strained relationship between them.

(2) There is always scope available for a person to change his bad or unfavorable attitudes and correct himself observably in the eyes of the public. Such a change brought about by himself will receive appreciation from others. But if such an improvement is brought about by the conditional moves of the opponent and mainly due to his anger, no one will acclaim it. Further the change in the behavior of oneself brought by the anger of the other person will not last long. Instead if one can correct the other by soft counsel and persuasion, it would fetch him accredition and the result will also stand for long.

(3)We can not ignore the circumstances that may be a root cause for a person to commit the ills. Had there been a better background conditions prevailing, one might not do anything amiss. An individual can liberally view that the same offense could have been done by him also. He or she should thank God for not having encountered any mishaps that could have posed threats for them to behave angrily or commit sins.

(4)There is another way to take stock of a situation. A person need not become angry at all just because the other person is inimical. His inner conscience is aware of the fact how far his conduct is subject to criticism or ridicule. He can also presume that the other person may be angry for some wrong not done by him. He can also realize heart of hearts that the sins or wrongs actually done by him and that were not got exposed to others, were much more grave and unpardonable.

(5)In short, everyone is sailing at some fault levels or other. There it becomes imperative not to throw stones when one is living in a glass house.

(6)Sometimes there can prevail a superimposing situation in which a person has evolved himself to be beyond a normal human being and that he never commits any sin or wrong. The question that comes in mind is that can such a person become angry at others or at others' wrong doings? This question becomes redundant especially in him as he has already won over the angry elements and has become a lovable and an affectionate person. He will not get angry, instead will always approach the wrong doer with a feeling of apple of one's eyes and try to correct him to the extent possible.

(7)To sum up, 'ANGER' is an emotional state that may range from minor irritation to intense range. The physical effects of anger are well known like increased B.P., heart rates, and levels of adrenaline. A person's anger will be reflected in his body language, facial expression and at times in public acts of aggression.

(8) Anger is one of the seven cardinal sins. It becomes a predominant feeling behaviorally, cognitively and physiologically. To become angry is a conscious choice for thwarting the threat immediately from the outside sources. Sudden and intense anger is not healthy. Subdued and a deliberate anger will act as a warning sign for the bad behaviour of the opponents. Suppression of anger will lead to psychological problems. It will be wise to sprinkle water when the milk is about to boil. The milk does not get split but at the same time it is seen carefully that the milk gets boiled to the extent necessary. Attitudes of this nature is a developed trait and it will be considered as a blessing if a person has it naturally.



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