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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Define the English word ' FINE '

‘ Define ‘ Fine ‘  -  P.Natarajan  (Camp: Denver )

I received a quote from a friend of mine, who lives in Michigan, which I have placed in the opening lines of this mail. The rest of the piece is added by me out of interest :-

A ‘ FINE ‘ is a tax for doing a wrong
A tax is a ‘Fine’ for doing well.
Now interest arises to define ‘Fine’
Buyers look for superior or fine quality.
‘M.S.’ was a fine singer
The guests found meals served in fine porcelain vessels.
Fine quality assures free of impurities.
But fine dust implies small particles of impurity
Fine refers to one’s state of health
The Doctor informed the patient is doing fine.
Car parked in no parking zone attracts fine.
Fine is a forfeiture or penalty levied by the court of Law to the offended party.
Fine Arts are arts of beauty rather than for utility.

A fine view of a garden - 'A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOR EVER' - keats

Diplomacy is also a fine art displayed by shrewd politicians
Yarn when extended to a thread like state like a wire is called as fine drawn.
Smooth or even grained rice is certified as fine grain Sonamousri
M.S.Dhoni's fine captaincy was splendid or I.Sharma’s fine bowling was superb 
resulting in India taking a 1-0 lead in the second Test against England @ Lords.
Fine Print marks intentional ambiguity in contracts.
Fine quantity means small measures..

“ FINE TUNING “ - the varied contextual usage of the word of ‘FINE’ becomes more apparent &  grandeur too.




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