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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Significance of ‘ Vaikasi - The Tamil Month ‘  

The Tamil New Year “JAYA VARSHA” commenced on 14th April 2014. The first month Chitra is over and today, the 15th of May marks the beginning of ‘VAIKASI’ Month. Vaikasi, also known as the ‘Rishaba’ month in the Tamil Calendar falls between May 15 to June 14th in the English Calendar.

There occurs one or two showers in this month with heavy particles of ice to mitigate the  summer heat. Vaikasi is a much awaited month for scheduling the auspicious events by the family members.  The marriage halls especially popular ones are booked perhaps even a year before for functions to be held in the month of Vaikasi.

‘Vaikasi - Visakam’ festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour.


Visaka is Lord Karthikeya or ‘Muruga Perumal’s birth star. His avatar in ‘Saravana Poigai’ in Vaikasi was for the good to kill the demon Soorapadman and usher prosperity to the humanity and glory to the Mother Earth.

Vaikasi - to the Vaishnavites it is Periyalwar Jayanti.

Buddha Purnima which falls in Vaikasi is the Avatar day of  Gautama Buddha.

Kanchi Mahaswami, more often referred as ‘Maha Periyava’ - his jayanthi falls in ‘Anusha’ Nakshatra in Vaikasi.

Astrological Significance:-
Vaikasi is the month when Surya commences his journey in Rishaba Rasi. As we all know, Surya’s House is Simha Rasi. Surya’s journey in the tenth house namely in Rishaba from his house of Simha Rasi occurs in Vaikasi.  Tenth house is a place for job or profession to prosper.  Persons born in Vaikasi whether he being a King or an ordinary person would achieve recognition and name in their respective jobs. It is believed that ‘Vaikasi - born’ persons work hard till they breathe last.

Avani, Karthigai, Masi and Vaikasi - these months are also known as ‘Firm’ and auspicious months.. In short the term ‘A KA MA VAI’ is used to refer these four months. Vaikasi  comes first in the Tamil Calendar and Avani, Karthigai, Masi follow. Surya is situated in Rishaba, Simha, Vrischika Rasi(s) in these months respectively. Endeavours of Work or new undertakings commenced in these four firm months prosper well and attains a stability in the long run.

Vaikasi is still more significant as compared to the other three months in ‘ AKAMAVAI’. We know well that Surya moves in Rishaba in the month of Vaikasi. Rishaba is the house of Sukra. Sukra is known for showering wealth, career, prosperity and happiness. That is why Vaikasi is in demand when people perform Housewarming, conduct marriages and Yagnopaveetha dharanam and the likes. Student population get promoted to the higher standards and educational Institutions reopen to commence the new academic year in Vaikasi.

Giving alms to poor (‘annadana’) is considered very noble when done in Vaikasi month. Ramalinga Swamy started poor feeding in the month of Vaikasi in Vadalur  by lighting a Kitchen fire in ‘SATHYA GNANA SABHA’ which is burning and poor feeding continues till date.

Vaikasi month is great in its own way. Let us welcome “VAIKASI MONTH” with loud cheers as it celebrates the jayanthi of great saints who have imparted ‘Lessons for Life’. It is also the month when professional competence comes to the fore by perseverance to attain higher standards of living. Vaikasi is a month to reckon with for auspicious events to take place and to bring over all happiness..  Hail Vaikasi and Cheers !



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