Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Power of Prayer


The Power of Prayer :- Z-TV telecast a serial  @ 8.10 a.m. daily portraying the notable experience of the devotees with Kanchi Maha Periyava.  One Sri Swaminathan is the narrator of the incidents.

The Telecast two days before:-  A girl of small age met with a road accident when she along with their parents was travelling from Chennai to Kanchipuram to have darshan of Maha Periyava. The family is a staunch devotee of Paramacharya. Since the girl was very badly injured and was fighting to survive, the parents had no other alternative to return to Chennai to admit the girl in a hospital in the ICU. However the father of the girl rang up their close relative at Kanchipuram to inform why they had to cancel their trip to Kanchi. The father also requested him to go to Shankar Mutt and speak to Maha Periyava and seek his blessings to save the child.
Maha Periyava gave a hearing when the relative sought a darshan with the Saint.

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Paramacharya immediately sat in meditation for some time and took an apple fruit in his hand. He caressed the fruit for some time with his eyes closed again in a state of prayer. He then gave the apple fruit to the relative and advised that the fruit to be kept near the vicinity of the girl overnight. Paramacharya advised the relative to  have darshan of Kamakshi Amman before travelling to Chennai. He also cautioned that the temple might close shortly after the morning puja. The relative rushed and was able to reach just in time. He was able to pray at the sanctum of Kamakshi Amman for just two minutes or so. He saw the Ambal clad in a pleasing green silk ‘pavadai’, showering grace upon him.

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The door got closed in seconds after that..He became quite aware that he was able to visit the temple due to  the blessings of Kanchi Paramacharya.   

He reached Chennai by the earliest transport available and straight went to the ICU in the  hospital. He heard the parents of the girl saying that doctors had no hopes that the girl would recover. The relative narrated his meeting the Acharya and the message of Maha Periyava. The parents prostrated before Periyava in their mind and kept with great care the Apple Fruit under the pillow with immense faith. The doctors though not hopeful heard the news brought by the relative.

The next day morning, to everyone’s great relief, the girl opened her eyes and looked at her parents. She slowly remembered the accident scene and how badly she was injured. The doctors stood perplexed, unbelieving and amazed. The doctors also realized that the girl was conscious fully. They advised the girl to remain calm.

The girl was not to be so. She called her mother and inquired where was the little girl clad in green silk pavadai and who overstayed by her side  comforting her all through the night. The doctors, parents became worried whether something went wrong with the girl. The relative who came from Kanchipuram with the apple remembered how Mahaperiyava made him to visit the temple and the last minute  darshan of Kamakshi Amman. The darshan came open in his mind and he saw the Ambal gracious and clad in the short silk green pavadai. It flashed in him that Kamakshi Amman had come to ICU to save the girl from the clutches of death. He also became conscious why Kanchi Paramacharya urged him to have darshan of Kamakshi Amman before the closure of the temple.
The girl and their parents wholeheartedly prayed Maha Periyava when the relative saw their eyes shedding tears. The doctors admitted that it was a second birth for the child.

Salutations to Paramacharya and we hear the sound ‘Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Jaya Shankara ‘ reverberating in the ambience.



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