Tuesday, August 05, 2008

' Unity in Diversity ' !

Some idioms in English language which sound humorous are made use of in the passage what follows below in a story like manner. You can see the idioms are used within inverted commas and their meanings are written within brackets there after:-

Sheela liked novel items where as Shiva, her hubby, was in the habit of collecting odd and old relic like items what can be called as 'fuddy-duddy'(old fashioned). They exchanged frequently skirmish of wit which appeared to be 'ding dong'(loud argument) and 'claptrap' (foolish). Sheela scored over Shiva by abusing gobbledegook's items (obscure items) bore only 'humdrum' effect (boring) in the eyes of the visitors as the collections made by Shiva looked 'hotchpotch'(mixture of odd things that don't go together).

Shiva, being 'namby-pamby'(weak/sentimental), could not retaliate Sheela's 'pooh-pooh' (contemptuous) and 'hurly-burly'(intense,noisy) remarks. Shiva simply brushed them aside as 'mumbo-jumbo'(difficult to understand or non nonsensical)!!

However Shiva 'pulled his face'(an expression of disgust) at times and even went on to 'pull up' Sheela.(scolded her). At those weak moments she used to 'pull out' (withdraw) from contesting. This had a desired outcome as Shiva 'pulled his socks up' (attempted to do better). Sheela also responded in turn and 'pulled out all the stops'(made every effort)to improve matters.

Sheela and Shiva soon decided to 'pull together'(work in unity). Thus they could resist neighbors 'pulling strings' (influence)and making fun of their way of living.
They realised that harmony in life can not be disturbed when one accepts others' sentiments and appreciates their likes and dislikes.

You see the picture of a mountain below. When you are on the top, you see a big slope downward. The same slope when looked upon from the bottom, it appears to be very steep. Sheela and Shiva understood that it serves no purpose by viewing a mole as a mountain. Unity in diversity is the key for leading a harmonious life. A conviction of this kind easily make us to see the mountain valley as beautiful, colorful in Nature's bounty!

They never 'pulled a fast one'(deceive) between them. Shiva slowly 'pulled off' (manged) from the habit of buying odd and old items. They made their home beautiful and lived happily to the envy of their neighbors.


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