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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dress Reveals !


Dress Reveals :-

Dress not only covers the physical body but also tells or reveals something more. Khadi worn reveals, he is a Congressman. Dhoti with red and black border tells he belongs to DMK Party.
Dhoti with a black and white border signs him as an AIADMK. A Kissan is seen normally with a green towel on his left shoulder. A blue towel indicates S.T. and red ' A Communist (L).'
It is easy to identify a Sanyasi with his ‘Kavi’ (Saffron) dress.

People just don’t prefer fashion wares alone. They choose a dress code which gives them some dignity in the Society. This phenomenon is applicable world over.

Uniforms signify the discipline and code of conduct of the wearer. The Military Uniform, the Police Uniform, Uniform of the Transport Sector - all belong to this category.

The Students Community wear selective uniforms to distinguish them which school he or she belongs to. But  College Students  wear as they wish as no Uniforms are in force. But some restrictions are being enforced in Tamilnadu. Women Students are advised not to wear T-Shirts with suggestive emblems or sentences. Some colleges insist ‘Saree Only’ as a dress code.

When you go back to 1960s, girls wore ‘Pavadai & Davani’ and boys ‘Dhoti and Shirt’. Not only they were the traditional dress codes in those years but they also gave dignity to those College going Students. It was indeed a culture by itself when T-Sirts or Jeans were unheard of.

The College Students may consider the recent impositions in Tamil Nadu towards dress codes are an infringement but when they take up employment within a few years later, they would simply abide by the dress codes practised by the Firms concerned. Is there not a dichotomy in the attitude in question.

Dress to the occasion brings order to the Function. The bride and groom wear the dress in the traditional way when the groom ties the knot, their parents too are seen in the traditional  dress.!. Jimkana Club goers are to wear Dinner Jacket . Scouts are seen in the Khaki. When we go to the temples on special occasions or perform puja, we adhere to traditional dresses only.

Popular Festivals like Dasara, Deepavali are fast approaching. It is a time to wear new dresses and one has to plan well in advance not only towards the budget but to give enough room or time to get them stitched .  





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