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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Srimad Bhagavatham - Grant of Pardon to Aswathama & Bhagavan Krishna protects the life of Parikshith


 Srimad Bhagavatham Serial -(Source: Sri Sri Sri Velukudi Swmay's writings in recent Tamil Weekly Thuglak)

# Grant of Pardon to Aswathama:-

 The battle of Kurukshetra ended. Duryodana was killed. Pandavas won.  Aswathama, son of Dronacharya, wowed that he would destroy the sons of Pandavas, to avenge the death of Duryodana as he felt indebted to him.  So did he as  the children of Pandavas  were sleeping in the tents. Further he knew Uttara, wife of Abhimanyu, was pregnant and with an aim to kill the child in the womb, he shot an astra towards it. Draupati who came to know of Aswathama's deadly acts, was pained beyond words. Arjuna pledged to Draupati that he would not spare Aswathama's life who had killed her sons.

Aswathama fled from one corner to the other corner of the world to save himself from Arjuna's fury. Aswathama aimed Brahmastra to kill Arjuna in angry. Arjuna sought the advice of Krishna who told him to aim Brahmastra as it is the only means to encounter another Brahmastra. Both the Brahmastras clashed in the air and began their destructive effects. Devas and Sages prayed to Lord Krishna to save the world from the catastrophe. Krishna advised Arjun to destroy both the Brahmastras.Aswathama lost his strength in the sequel and Arjuna caught him as a prisoner of war.

Krishna wanted to test Arjuna and he elaborated before him how mean and wicket was Aswathama who had even attempted to destroy the only progeny of Pandava-clan. Krishna angrily remarked that Arjuna should not  let him free as Aswathama deserved the strongest punishment.To kill Aswathama was the order of the Lord. But Arjuna did not kill him but dragged him and brought before Draupati and gave the option to her to take whatever action she desired upon. Draupati took compassion as Aswathama was the son of great guru Dronacharya, so he also needed to be respected as a Guru. Further said, " As a mother, I had suffered and let not Aswathama's mother suffer the same fate ".  Bur Bheema who was watching  the scene condemned Aswathama and voiced he should be killed. Krishna intervened and advised Arjuna that he should carry out the pledge he had made already to Draupati that he would destroy Aswathama, but at the same time, Arjuna should also heed to Droupati's wish as a mother, to save Aswathama's life.

Arjuna realized Krishna's real intentions. Arjuna shaved Aswathama's head and removed the precious gem adorning his forehead using a knife . The reason for doing so was that it was considered that acts of punishment like shaving one's head, robbing wealth or banishing a person away are all equivalent to 'Death-Punishment'. By doing so, Arjuna did not suffer the sin of killing his Guru's son nor going against the wishes of Draupati. Arjuna did exactly what Krishna commanded.. It was the greatness of Draupati to grant pardon to Aswathama even though Krishna wished otherwise.

We shall now visit the 6th Chapter in SKANDA-1, and see how Bhagavan saved the life of Parikshith. 

# Bhagavan Krishna protects the life of Parikshith:-

The arrow aimed by Aswathama to kill the only progeny in Uthara's womb started doing its function. Uthara came  running to Krishna and begged at his feet to save the child, no matter, she told Krishna,  if she got succumbed in the process. Uttara firmly believed that Bhagavan was not only a 'KARBHARAKSHAKAR'  but  also capable of bringing alive a dying soul. Krishna knew well that the only weapon which could destroy the astra aimed by Aswathama was his Sudharsana Chakra. He aimed the same and devastated the Awathama's in seconds and saved Parikshith, the child to be born and the only progeny to Pandava's clan.

Kunthi  sang in a heart-felt gratitude in praise of Krishna " Oh, Dheenadayala, Apathpandava, Anatharakshaka, Sarvavyapi though can't be seen by naked eyes, I surrender at your feet". Aszhwar in one of the 'Thiruvaimoshzi  Pasura' refers Bhagavan as a ' Kadgili'. The term ''Kadgili' means Bhagavan is invisible. But when Ashzwar uses the same term in his prayers to see Bhagavan, it makes sense to interrupt that God could be seen. The dichotomy could be explained this way. When a devotee makes untiring efforts continuously over a period of time in firm faith to see God, or seeks HIS GRACE heart-of-hearts, Bhagavan appears before him. In normal course, this does not happen. We know Lord Narayana appeared before Prahalada which episode stands even today as a part of history.

We may think that Bhagavan is partial - good to Pandavas and harming Kouravas ' but this is not the absolute truth. Veda Vyasa in Brahmasuthra says " VYSHAMYA NAIRKRUNYE NA SAPEKSHWATH' - meaning- Bhagavan  never acts as a partisan -  if sometimes HIS actions have semblance of partiality, it is because of the ill deeds of the person under dispute. Bhagavan punishes the wicked and rewards the incumbent for his good acts. Kunthi Ddevi brought out this principle clearly when she prayed to Krishna. Krishna advocates this theory in Gita also :-


Bhagavan in His many avatars has performed numerous deeds, which were rewarding and astonishing too. Those who can bring them into the memory again again and get moved devotionally   will overcome the cycle of births.  There is no re-birth for them.

Kunthi believed  that Krishnavatara too would serve the same purpose as far as they are concerned. By rejoicing in their mind the bravo acts of Bala-Krishna like ' Kalinganarthana', protecting the people in Brindavan from the fury of Varuna Deva under one Umbrella, killing the Asuras who were deputed by Kamsa in succession, and so on. There would be no rebirth for Kunthi and the likes who had witnessed 'Krishna-Leelas' in Dwaparayuga and thus obtained God's blessings. Krishna was touched by Kunthi's prayers and blessed all of  them again at that moment.

Krishnan then led all of them to Kurukshethra to get the advice from Bhishmacharya who was waiting on the bed of arrows for Utharayana to commence  to relinquish his body. As a matter of fact, Bhishmacharya was waiting for  Krishna to arrive at the spot to start his oration which had come to be known as the famous "BHISHMA STHUTHI" in praise of Lord Krishna in Bhagavathapurana.

( I have already completed writing about 'Bhisma Sthuthi' by a separate article and forwarded it a few days ago)



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