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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Smt Parvathy and Sri P.Natarajan.

Holy Ganga Glory Be to Thee
Divine Ganga Abode of Purity
Gushes in Speed a Sight Splendid
Ganges A Majestic and Sacred River Indeed !

Ganges Rises at Gaumuch
At the Foot of Gangothri Glacier
Daughter of Himavan-The King of Mountains
Sister to Goddess Parvathi Devi
She Flows in all the Three Worlds
Swarga, Prithivi and Patala
Hence Known as 'TRIPATHAGA'!

Raised in Heaven Above
Under the Tutelage of BRAHMA
Brought Down to Earth
By well known 'Baghiratha Prayathna'
Gets the Name as "Bhagirathi"
"MANDAKINI","JHANVI" Her other Names !!

Travels Long a Distance of 2525 KM
Sacred Are the Cities Lying in Her Banks
Allahabad, Hardwar, Gangothri and Varanasi
Where Kumbhmela Festval Takes Place
Lakhs of Devotees throng to Bathe in Ganges !!

Ganga Personified as Goddess
Worshipped by the Hindus
A Dip in Ganga means Remission of Sins
Not the Present alone but Sins of Lifetime
Ganges Liberates the Bather from Birth-Cycles !!!

River Cauveri is the Ganga of the South
Gothavari is the Ganga of Central India
Ganga Invoked in Hindu Rituals
And People pay Homage to Ancestors !!!!

Ganga the Sacred River
Comes Home in the Taps
Before Dawn only on Diwali Day
The Strong Belief Stir Everyone
To Have'Ganga-Snanam' before the Sun-Rise

Diwali the Festival of Lights
Commences Religiously with Ganges Bath
New Dresses Adorn Everyone
Exchange of Greetings and Sweets
Mark the Festival Happy, Religious and Unique !!!!!

Wishing you ' A Happy Deepavali ' !!!!!

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