Thursday, March 10, 2011

Versatility of the Number " 3 " described in 60 ways !


Thursday, March 10, 2011

When we begin, we begin with No1. The next number two suggests some clout and there are some questions like ' which are the two and what difference it makes and so on'. Three, as we call the next number, is versatile. When we usher in the No.' 3 ', the differences raised by number two vanish. Number three is considered as a unifying number and vibrant.

This essay discusses the versatility of Number '3' in as much as 60 ways. The reader is requested to spare time to look how the number explores in many ways.

1) Management books speak of the importance of the "Three" Visions - viz - the foresight (thinking ahead), the hind sight (examining after the event), the hunch (premonition) -

- the classic case of the growth of a business enterprise is Reliance Industries due to hunch of its founder leader Dirubai Ambani. He was greatly inspired and carried out his mind's convictions (hunch) to transform RIL from a small beginning to a mighty Enterprise.

2) ' The Three Investigators ' series authored by Robert Arthur is about the adventures of three little boys (1) Jupiter Jones, (2) Pete Cranshaw and (3) Bob Andrews who solve puzzles and mysteries in the series which is a big hit.

3) Sanskrit language specifies three Vachanas - Eka Vachana, Dwi Vachana, & Bahu Vachana (singular,dual and plural).

4) Economics teaches the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary levels of economics. Tertiary Economics is economy of third order, higher than the secondary.

5) Three Musketeers is a famous novel by Alexandre Dumas.

6) Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear belong to a 'triology' of tragedy works of Shakespeare.

7) Trimester- three months of human gestation period.

8) Tripos Speech - A Cambridge Honors Examination - List of successful candidates in it --- traceable to a custom after a B.A. known as Mr.Tripos sat on a three legged stool and disputed in the Philosophy School at Cambridge on an Ash Wednesday - his speech being called the ' Tripos Speech ' !

9) We worship Shiva who has 'Trinetra'- the third eye emits fire to destroy the evils.

10) "Triambaka" , "Trikagnikalaya" - Rudram in veda recital praises Lord Shiva in this manner. Triambakeswarar Temple which is one of 12 Jyothirlingams is in Nasik.

11) 'Trimurthi' represents the combined force of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

12) "Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi" - the three Goddesses are worshiped during the 9 days of 'Navarathri' festival in India.

13) Trinity means threefold, three in one, the triune God of orthodox Christian.

14) Trialogue is a dialogue between three persons.

15) Worship Mother, Father and Guru - the three as Gods.

16) 'Trident' or "Trishul" - the three edged spear is the weapon of Lord Shiva. ( Trishul is also a missile developed by Indian Ministry of Defence ).

17) Lalitha Sahasranamam spells out 'Namavalis ' like ' Triupura, Trinayana, Trijagathvandhya and Trimurthi the series starting with three.

18) Mahabali was a generous king and growing in popularity. The Devas feared his supremacy and prayed to Lord Vishnu to protect them. Vishnu appeared before Mahabali disguised as Vamana, a poor brahmin and demanded three paces of land . Vishnu covered the whole of Earth with one foot, the skies with the second and crushed Mahabali to Patala with the third step. Home coming of Mahabali is celebrated as Onam (Thiruvonam) festival in Kerala.

19) Ayurveda Medicine is based on the three principles of ' Pittha, Kapha and Vayu '.

20) Have a heavy break-fast, moderate lunch and a light dinner - the 'three' for a healthy living !

21) Entertain your guest with a 'three' course servings of delicious food.

22) Three Roses ' is a brand of Tea manufactured by a reputed firm.

23) Trigeminal nerve is the fifth cranial nerve that connects the brain and the face.

24) Tricuspid Valve is located between the Right Auricle and the Right Ventricle in the human heart.

25) Walk, jog and run to maintain your slim line.

26) Study in the morning, work in the afternoon, relax in the evening and make the day useful.

27) Try, Try and Try again - at least three times for success !

28) Enjoy your travel by road, sea and air (three modes of travel ) to get a global view !

29) The opinions are of three fold - accept, oppose or be neutral.

30) Third Party insurance protects the third party other than the principals (the insurer and the insured)

31) Third rate refers to a poor quality.

32) The Trilogy movies are - Lord of the Rings, God Father, Star Wars..(to name 3 only)

33) Triple Sundae is a popular variety of ice cream.

34) Mango, ,jackfruit & banana are set of three fruits offered during puja.

35) Triennial - happening every third year.

36) Good, Better and Best - the third phase is " The Best' or ' The Super most '.

37) The World Cup-2011 - India has won, not lost till now and encountered a tie against England also ! (3-results in a game)

38) Third Umpire (TV Replay) can rule out the main umpire's decision which we are witnessing in the world Cup 2011 today.

39) Third man is a fielder between the point and slip in Cricket and a stylish hit to third man boundary is a beauty !

40) The famous Spin Trio in Indian Cricket were Bedi, Prasanna and Chandrashekar.

41) Triple Jump, Triple Chase, Triathlon are Sports events

42) Tricycle is used by children before they start riding the bicycle.

43) Lal, Bal, Pal the Swadeshi 'triumvirate' who advocated the Swadeshi movement.
(Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal resply).

44) Third World Economics is a term used to refer the developing countries, not aligned politically with the Power Blocks..

45) Triple Alliance was the league of England, Sweden and Netherlands formed against France in 1668.

46) Triode is an Electronic Valve and consists of three terminals ;- an anode, a cathode and a gate. Gate circuit is useful for many logistic applications.

47) Third Stream is a style of music having features of jazz and classical music.

48) Trinity of Carnatic Music refers to the three great composers - Saint Thyagaraja,
Muthuswamy Dikshithar & Shyama Sastry.

49) Adi Sankara , Sri Ramanuja and Sri Madhvachariar are the three Heads who propagated the Hindu religion and established the three sects namely Advaitha, Vishishtadvaita and Dwaitha resply.

50) A nuclear family consists of the Father, Mother and a child. When the child is born the family bond grows stronger.

51)' Three Idiots' is a popular Indian Movie.

52)) Time is referred as Past, Present and Future. - the three tenses in Grammar also.

53) The three rationale:- Body, Mind and Spirit or Atman - is a Philosophy.

54) Solid, liquid and Gas -are the three states of matter .

55) Saffron, White and Green - three colors of prominence occupy the Tri- color Indian National Flag -

56) A Triangle is a plane figure with three sides and three angles within it . Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics that treats the relations between the sides and angles of a Triangle.

57) Three Phase Supply are marked by RYB (Red, Yellow and Blue - the primary colors )
- widely used in Industries.

58) Triple Point is a reference point where the Solid, Liqid and Gaseous forms of a substance co-exist. For eg.: Triple Point for Water is 273.16K.

59)Tripod is anything on three feet or legs especially a stand for an instrument.

60) Tripitaka--The Buddhist Canon is traditionally divided into three parts, called
Tripitaka, which has the meaning "Three baskets", i.e. the Sutras, Sastras and the Vinaya.

[ Number '3' is described in 60 different ways - a number divisible by 3 ]

" Bye " ! ( this is also a three letter word) meaning " Let God Be With You " !!!!!!!!



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