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Sunday, October 04, 2009

' All Men as One ' & " Who Was He " ? !


" All Men As One " (in poem)

Truly Noble Know All Men As One
And Return with Gladness Good For Evil Done
'Ahimsa ' is the Basis of the Search for Truth
'Ahimsa' for him was in Mind, Word and Deed
His Movement was ' Sarvodaya ' ( The Welfare for All)
His Weapon Was 'Satyagraha' (' Sat ' means 'truth' ; ' Agraha ' means 'firmness')
His Ideal was Truth
Simplicity was his Breath to Live
His Passion was Peace

Born in Porbandar ( India ) as a Noble Son
Died when he was hailed as the Father of the Nation
' He..Ram ' was his last uttering as he fell-down to a bullet shot
His 140th Birth Day Today, the October 2nd 2009

Tolstoy's ' The Kingdom of God is within You '
Left abiding impressions on him
' Rama Nama ' he trusted as ' Raksha' ('Rama, the Protector')
' Ramayana ' he recited in belief
' Gita' he adored to its height
Believer in ' Samskara ' (tendencies caused by previous births)
And " Punarjanma" ( cycle of rebirth )
" Generations to come will scarce believe
That such a one as this ever in flush and blood
Walked on this earth" , so said Albert Einstein of him
Who was this " One " who always Considered -
- " All Men As One "
He was none other than ' Karamchand Gandhi '
Affectionately called as ' Bapuji '
Reverently well-known as ' Mahatma Gandhiji ' !!
He is in heaven but ' Gandhian Spirit ' lives for ever !!!!
"Jaihind , Jaihind , Jaihind " !!!

Born on October 2nd
Peace was his Passion
Truth was his triumph
Ahimsa was his 'Ayudh' (weapon)
Simplicity was his inimitable way of life
His Life Was His Message
Who Was He ?!?!

Was born as a noble son
But Became to be called
As the Father of Indian Nation
Adored as Mahatma

He was none other than
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi !!
Affectionately called as Bapuji or Gandhiji !!
Gandhian Spirit Pervades the Nation !
The Nation Remembers Gandhi
Celeberates his 140th Birth Anniversary !!
Jaihind Jaihind Jaihind !!!



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