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Monday, October 19, 2009

'Deepavali Greetings '


' Avali ' of Deepams bring order to ' DEEPAVALI '
The Festival of Lights exhibit the delight of ' Diwali '
Arrival of son-in-law will be the topic of importance
Presence of grand children add much fun on the day
Family get-together most awaited event for the festival !!

Women take interest comparing the new saris
Men master mind the budget on the occasion
House wives take care in preparation of ' Diwali-Delicacies'
Grand mothers set up the wake-up calls to ensure --
--'Ganga-Snanam' @ the dawn of Deepavali
Elders bless every member equally well !!

The sound of crackers dumbfounds everyone
The Chakras both on the ground and in hand circle in mirth
The beauty of sparklers none to question
It is a marvel in the hands of little children !!

Sweets and Savories go fast in distribution
Some may have to fast when consumed more
Granny gives ' Diwali - Lahium ' to all as a medicine
Deepavali indeed a gala festival of the year !!!!!!!!!!
Pleasure is ours to greet and wish you all
On the occasion of ' Deepavali '

Parvathy & Natarajan


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