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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Srimad Bhagavatam Skanda 2 Chapter 5 “ The Wonder of Creation of this World '


( Source: Velukkudi Sri. Sri. Krishnan Swamy's writings in recent Tamil weekly Tuglak  - This would serve the limited purpose to read this chapter of Sacred Srimad Bhagavatham by those who don't know to read Tamil or don't get access to the related recent issues of the  Tamil weekly magazine 'Tuglak')

" Karanam tu  Dhyeyah “ -  means that the Vedas pronounce that all of us should necessarily come to know about the Creator of this World. We should meditate upon him who has created us and this world. This is one way to obtain mukti. He is the cause - when we pray him who stands as the cause for this world , we get blessed not to have a rebirth. We have to be aware of the first and foremost cause - viz. - who created this world? how does he perform the act of creation? How does he become the cause of the cause?

It is requested that the subject taken up need to be studied with careful attention as it is difficult to explain. This should be borne in mind adequately. Vedas do explain in detail. But we are not familiar with Vedas or Vedanta. We study Physics, Maths, Chemistry and so on for 15 years. Long years of studying these subjects do not guarantee mastery over them. Neither are we assured of a good vocation. We can boast that we have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree. Scientists also agree that there are many more things to learn in their respective area of specialization. More the number of years we learn, more we can comprehend. This theory is not uncommon and applies to the study of divine philosophy also.

Parikshit asked about this to Sukacharya who immediately briefed Parikshit the dialogue between Narada and his father Brahma on the same subject. We shall now follow the same. Narada asks Brahma - " You are the creator of the world. How were you created first? How did I come into existence?  How do you create this world where scope thrives for good?. Who taught you all these? In what matter do you rely for the act of srishti?  Under whom are you working?  Are you a self-starter or draw the knowledge from someone else? Can I say there is some one supreme over and above you.

A spider builds the network of its cobweb and manifests its creation with least resistance. Is it in a similar way the world is created by someone else? I find you meditate upon some one always. If you happen to be the creator, all others should meditate upon you. This creates a doubt in me. I, therefore, seek to know who is the cause for the world to exist?. It would become our duty to devote our obeisance to him for obtaining mukti".

Brahma replies :- "  Narada, What a marvel creation is !  As a matter of fact I don't stand as the creator of this world. Someone else has  created me. The absolute credit goes to Bhagavan  Narayana, though he makes the world to believe that I am the creator. He can only spin such a belief by his play which is referred as 'Maya' or illusion. Please understand that the fire burns by a spark shed from his body. So is the cause for the Sun to shine, Moon to cast its cool light or Stars to twinkle from a great distance. He is the foremost God known as Narayana, also called  Vasudeva who is fully responsible for all the things which are happening. He is 'Sarveswara' as well as 'Jagat Guru' - none can surpass his ' Maya' ( Leela ) . He is the source for the five elements ('pancha booothas'), for our activities (karma), Time dimensions (kala pramanam), for our Nature, 'Prakrit', for the existence of human beings who are absorbed in thoughts of 'It is 'I' , 'me' and 'mine'. No element or its parts can move without his grace or 'sankalpa'.

Narayana para veda deva Narayanangajah:
Narayana para loka narayana para makah: !                       

Narayana para yogo narayana param tapah:
Narayana para jnanam narayana para gatih: !!
( Sri Bhagavatam  :  2-5-15, 16 )

The verse above signifies the means for realization of Narayana.The Vedic literatures are made by and are meant for the Supreme Lord, the demigods are also meant for serving the Lord as parts of His body, the different planets are also meant for the sake of the Lord, and different sacrifices are performed just to please Him. All different types of meditation are means for realizing Narayana. All austerities are aimed at achieving Narayana. The prevailing culture and knowledge are for getting a glimpse of Narayana, and ultimately the endeavour is to obtain mukti by his grace. Words
become inadequate to describe the Supremacy of Bhagavan Narayana. He creates the world by his sheer ' sankalpa '. I was born out of his first made sankalpa. I began the activity of creation as per his command. I know well that I can do nothing without his grace. Bhagavan is completely free from gunas like Sat,Rajo and Tamas. He who is a personification of goodness and truth supports always living organisms (chit) and the world (achit). Let me now explain about the creation of the 'prapancha' ( the world ). Pl.listen"
" As the world is being created, two types of 'Srishti' happens, one being "Samashti Srishti" and the other "Vyashti Srishti. In other words Bhagavan Narayana begins himself the act of creation. The World is filled with chit and achit. Jeevatmas are all chits who have the senses or animate.  The achits are inanimate who have no senses. At the time of deluge (pralaya), these two entities cling to Brahmam in an invincible manner. Bhagavan who is also Paramatma takes a 'brahma-sankalpa' at an appropriate moment for beginning the act of 'Srishti" : -

" Bhahusyam Prajayeyeti " ( Anandavalli - 6 of Taitreeya Upanishad )  -  I shall henceforth occupy the many steps. I shall remain as the main tool or cause to transform myself as this 'prapancha' or world. The activities connected with creation gets started immediately. The chit and achit clinging to the limbs of Bhagavan get expanded now. The entity 'achit' which remains one with the Bhagavan's body becomes the basic material. Bhagavan mixes different sections of this raw material in different ratios for creating this world. After the incarnation of the first Purusha, the maha-tatva or the principle of the material creation takes place and the time is manifested and in course of time the three qualities appear. Nature (Prakrit)  means the appearance of the  three qualities.They transform into activities. Material activities are caused by mahatatva's being agitated.



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