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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Srimad Bhagavatam   Skanda 2   Chapter 4  -  " Parikshit questions about Srishti or Creation "

(Source: Velukkudi Sri. Sri. Krishnan Swamy's writings in recent Tamil weekly Tuglak  - This would serve the limited purpose to read this chapter of Sacred Srimad Bhagavatham by those who don't know to read Tamil or don't get access to the related recent issues of the  Tamil weekly magazine 'Tuglak')

Parikshit's belief that Krishna was Paramatma remained very strong.  His train of thoughts ran like this:-  " The more I inquire about Bhagavan , I can orient my thoughts in Him, I will get inspired in devotion, I can get rid of the sins committed and find ways and means to obtain mukti". He who was immersed in such thoughts, raised a series of related queries :- " Bhagavan Narayana is the only God to the entire world. He is the 'Paramatma'. His creation is what this world is. He is the father of this Universe. How does he perform the act of creation ? How does he protect and finally bring the whole world under his fold ?  Please expound how Bhagavan   performs the three acts namely ' Creation, Protection and Destruction ". Parikshit probed further :-

bhuva eva vivitsami
bhagavan atma-mayaya
yathedam sriate visvam
durvibhavam adhisvaraith

Bhagavan advocates many Sastras by his avatars.  (Picture below depicts the ten avatars).

He creates illusions or Maya. He is behind all the Devas and directs them to perform the assigned duties. What tool does he use? What is the raw material for Srishti? From where does he perform the acts? What are the motives? The three qualities (Gunas) namely 'Sat, Tamas, Rajo' remain as an integral part of the Nature. Do all the three 'Gunas' remain with Bhagavan also? I wish to know all these."

 Suta says, " Sukacharya becomes overwhelmed by Parikshi'ts inquiries and begins to narrate the details regarding Hrishikesa, the Bhagavan".

Sukacharya narrates:- " I bow to the Lord who assumes the three states namely " Sankrushna, Pradhyumna, Aniruddha "  and performs destruction, protection and creation respectively. I will not be able  to explain the acts without His grace. The Rishis who have virtually abandoned 'raga, dvesha' and become 'Paramahamsa' are still searching for Bhagavan. He is near you when you are near, When your thoughts drift, he is away.  I offer my obeisances at his feet. Bhagavan  is to be worshiped in mind, in acts, in words, in puja, and in penance. He is capable of rescuing us from the age old sins commited  and granting mukti. My prayers to him who grants emancipation from the 'samsara'. All good deeds performed should be assigned at his feet, lest they turn useless. I pray to him who is the custodian of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. His consort is known by the name 'SRI'. He is Prajapati as well as Sriapati. I pray to him to give me strength to speak. No thoughts would arise without his grace. His blessings are first needed to think, then to put the thoughts into words and then make the listeners to understand them."

Sukacharya continues:- " Bhagavan first thought to create Brahma. So he made a 'sankalpa' within himself and created Brahma. Brahma was to spread "Vedas" to the whole world, hence he created Goddess Saraswathi as Brahma's consort. I pray for their blessings also to enable me to narrate Srimad Bhagavatam to you".

 Sukacharya recites the Sloka:-
"Namas tasmai bhagavate
vasudevaya  vedhase
papur  jnanam ayam saumya

" He who spreads wisdom through Vedas or more aptly referred as he who is an incarnation of Vedas, advocates 'dharma-sastras' from his lotus mouth. Let his grace remain in my heart. I shall utter the same in the right order as told by our elders."

 Suka continues-- "Sri Maha Vishnu spoke to Brahma first, Brahma apprised Narada in turn.  Narada then preached Vyasa. In the traditions that are already in vogue, let me narrate the Puranas to you, Parikshit Maharaja. I seek his blessings to start with, which remains always as a prescription to be adhered to by everyone. We can only make the effort. But success follows only when we have his grace. It will be an illusion if we remain quiet in the belief his grace is available. Never the less, we have to make our efforts sincerely. Try, try and try again till we succeed. He would certainly listen to the sincere efforts we make."
Sukacharya was at his best in his introductory speech to Parikshit Maharaja. Let us further hear what he says.



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