Monday, June 13, 2016

Sleep or slumber is not the answer

‘Sleep’ or ‘Slumber’ is not the answer !
     -  P.Natarajan.

When we experience a sound sleep, the mind is totally at rest. No harm in saying that mind also sleeps at that time. ‘ Atmanubhavam ‘ in Tamil refers to a state of total peace or shanti but we no way realize this effect when we are sleeping soundly. It is common to refer, after we wake up, about the sleep we had. We do describe  that it was quite good and undisturbed and so on although we couldn’t realize that effect while sleeping. We lie like a  log of wood when we sleep well and does it not mean that we ridicule our own status of a human being with active life to that of a log of wood ? Imagine if others accuse us or point out that we are ‘jathas’ (Tamil word meaning log of wood), don’t we not feel insulted or get wild ?. If that is so, it is unfair for us to ridicule ourselves to that state, when we refer to the sleep or slumber’
‘Srishti’ or creation is a noble job and we, having been created or born, have no right to reduce our status to that of a ‘jatam’ by way of referring that we slept like a log of wood.

Men elevate their status from in activeness to that of vibrant and live status. In fact the elevation is from the single stage of wisdom to that of sixth sense.- this is how the activity of  ‘Srishti’ is carried out by Lord Brahma. A person with wisdom is entitled to feel proud due to his capability to arrive at logical solutions, engage himself in creative jobs, lead others and manage an enterprise.

He also finds himself in difficult situations due to external environment and pressures arising out of competitions and legal matters. Where there is a will , there is a way. Pursuit of scientific endeavours, helping others, engaging oneself in educational lines, engineering for progress and many such avenues are open to men for making life meaningful and mutually beneficial. Sleep or slumber always or often or like ‘Kumbhakarna’ is not the answer.


-  ( Reference:- ‘ Arulvakku ‘ by Paramacharya ( Kalki dated 12 June 2016 )


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