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Thursday, April 28, 2016

‘ Well done is better than well said ' - P.Natarajan.

‘ Well done is better than well said '

As you accomplish a feat, every one would praise  ‘ well done ‘, as accomplishment is a real term and means beyond mere ‘rhetoric’. Action speaks louder than words. Let us now look at the related terms which may appear similar but mean differently..

(1) Walk the Talk :- The idiom ‘ Walk the Talk ’ means ‘  to act in accordance with one’s words ‘
In other words,  ‘Do what you say’ ; ‘ Say what you do ’.  People who belong to this category are reliable and trusted and are always in limelight.

(2) Talk the Talk:- Here one walks away without action. Talk here means ‘ Words without action ‘. And walk means action. Talk the Talk - the phrase can be well understood in circumstances when one makes claims without appropriate action. Some leaders only talk the talk but are not prepared to take any risks. Another example:- The importance of opening partnership in cricket should not remain ‘ as the Coach talks the talk ‘ but it remains to be seen , ‘ he walks the walk.’

(3) Walk  the Walk:- Act consistently with one’s claims. Follow through. One need to make a note and be determined to follow through what he had assured.

(4) Money Talks and bulllshit walks:- Rhetoric talks will not accomplish any goal. What is required is to work hard to earn money or material possession. This idiom emphasises this view.

(5) Peripatetic :- Let us now extend the topic to some more heights:- Peripatetic means ‘ relating to walking. Moving or travelling from place to place or in simple words ‘ itinerant’. Adverb: peripatetically; (noun) peripateticism. Do you know one great Scientist who believed ‘ to think on one’s feet ’.?
Aristotle , the Greek Philosopher, practised this thought. He was a great walker, besides being a teacher. His students were required to walk along with him, to learn the lessons. He used to lecture as he walked.  He liked to think on his feet.

The Greek Word ‘ peripatetikos’ means to walk up and down. This word came to be associated with Aristotle and his followers. By the way, the covered walk in Lyceum where Aristotle taught was known as the ‘peripatos’ which can mean either the act of walking or the place of walking.

Nomad, ambulant, errant, fugitive, gallivanting, galavanting are synonyms of peripatetic.
Example: Some work as peripatetic journalist for most part of their career.

Aristotle was born in 384 BC in the city of Stagira. He lost his father when he was a child. He was a student of Plato’s Academy. He tutored Alexander the Great. He changed his concepts from platonism to empiricism. He believed in all peoples’ concepts and all of their knowledge was ultimately based on perception.

According to Encyclopaedia of Britannica “Aristotle was the first genuine scientist and every scientist is in his debt.”
After 2300 years after Aristotle’s death (322 BC) he remains one of the most influential people who ever lived. He contributed to almost to every field of human knowledge then in existence.  He was the finder of many new field. He was the founder of formal logic.
and pioneered the study of zoology and left every Scientist in his debt through his contribution to scientific method.

Readers , after reading about  ‘ Aristotle ’ would appreciate his contribution to Science synonyms with the maxim “ Well done is better than well said
( the ‘ title ‘ above)

pn (P.Natarajan)


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