Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Extraordinary  -  P.Natarajan.

The difference between the Ordinary and the Extraordinary is that little extra. The phrase helps in boosting the value of the object or the descriptive factor of the item in the context. Let us discuss some extra time to come to terms with this phrase.

We term what is more or beyond than the necessary or the usual as ‘extra’. It is an additional to what is intended. What is taught beyond the school curriculum for a particular class is often described as extraordinary. The Economic Survey of India is an extraordinary supplement brought out by leading News Papers before the budget session every year. It takes stock of the prevailing status in the economy of the country. The survey is a forerunner to the budget session.

In cricket, the extras scored by way of no ball (not hit ), wide, bye, leg bye, helps the team to beat the opponent at a crucial juncture. The bowler should take extra care in not bowling a no ball or wide in the penultimate or final over of a T-20 or ODI, lest it should lead to a precarious situation for the team to out-wit the batting side. The extras come as a bonus as those runs are scored without any effort of the batsman.

Some of today’s lead cine actors had once started their career as ‘Extra’. They were happy to show their presence temporarily, as one of the crowd, for a minor part. As luck would have it, they happen to get important assignments later and turn out to be extraordinary actors or super heroes..

Extracurricular activities in addition to regular academic course would always help the student to an advantage in competitive situations. Extra sensory perception or ESP is the ability to think with the help of the mind of the future events without associating the normal senses. Premonition is to predict what fearful things might happen as a sequel to bad happenings. Clairvoyant  means clear vision of future things which can also be termed as extraordinary ability of a person.

We often see extra time granted by the match referees in the event of a tie or to compensate time lost through injury or other extraordinary reasons. The match played under extra time proves to be very tense as the result would go either way. The team which had an edge before the grant of extra time, would even lose as the opponent might score an equalizer and goes on to clinch the match during the extra time.

Extravagant is extra modum or what can be termed as extra measure. Extravagant spending, that is over and above the normal means  would lead to a miserable situation or bankruptcy in the near future.

Extra-galactic refers to matters outside the galaxy. Extraterrestrial deals outside the earth. Extraterritorial is a privilege being outside the jurisdiction of a country.   Extra-provincial means outside the limits of a particular province. Extra-solar means beyond the solar system.

Extra professional refers to the duty that falls beyond the professional duty. Extramarital relationship would even end up in a divorce. Extra Regular is unlimited by rules. Extravascular refers to outside the vascular or vessel. Extra-tropical refers to outside the tropics.

A state of emergency is recommended in extraordinary situations by the parliament should there be utter failure of law and order disrupting the internal peace of the country.

Pl. read the opening sentence of this passage. You may tend to agree the phrase ‘extraordinary’ boosts the value of the object under discussion to a high proportion as compared to the actual. Thank you for sparing some extra time for coming to terms with the phrase ‘extraordinary’.




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