Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dream / Fun / Play

Dream / Fun / Play  -  P.Natarajan.

We connote that which is not real either as dream or as Fun / Play.

We expect once in a way something will happen by our hindsight. We also get disappointed if it does not happen. We label such things ‘ as if they happened in a dream but not really’. . The Lord ‘Ananthasayanam’ (who is seen in a reclined pose like in an eternal sleep) in Srirangam hints the world as unreal. His lying posture also is in line with this phenomenon.

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Making fun or mockery is to fool others though such acts render themselves close to reality. Children play with dolls, dress them as father, mother, grandmother and enact a family drama. It is a sheer joy or fun or play thing to pass the time.

Sports or games are not connected with the real problems we face in life. For example, hitting a sixer or bowling for a hat trick are not by all or end all of life problems. They don’t solve or we can not look upon them as solutions for life-situations. They are not important or form a part of essentialities to carry on living. What reply can be given when a question is asked ‘ Why so much head-splitting thinking happens in the mind before moving a single  piece in the chess board ?”.

“ Just for fun I said this, don’t take amiss or don’t take to heart “ - such statements underscore that they don’t mean what they say. No credence need to be given for such playful utterances.

Sometimes what is said in a good sport, takes an ugly turn and it ends in a misery. The end miserable result had happened and so it becomes true but at the time of utterances in good sports or for fun, they were not true. It was only one out of hundred chances or coincidence that it turned out to be a reality. Is it not so ?

A dream is only a dream and not real. Similarly what is uttered or committed in fun is also not real. Both belong to the same group and deserve to be ignored.

Lord Sri Ranganatha in Srirangam Temple hints at the ‘ dream world ‘  or  ‘dreaming world’  in the Lord’s lying or sleeping posture whereas Lord Nataraja in Chidambaram Temple exemplifies
in his dancing pose that the world is a drama or we enact drama for fun or at times for deception.




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