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Thursday, January 18, 2018

‘Thiruvachahangal’ ( ‘Good Sayings’)  
    --- P.Natarajan
The facts below are intended to promote health or well-being of mind or spirit. These are morals, sound in body and mind. Let us take a determined outlook and bring them under our fold, as a New Year resolution:-

  1. What we wish to do is one thing. What is right ‘in doing’ is yet another.
  2. Egoistic, self centered, hot tempered, casting suspicion without base - these traits spoil happy moments, true friendship and bondages valued over life.
  3. Efforts taken to perform a job are by no means easy. But be certain that everything is achievable
  4. Believe in everybody. Disbelieve the situations. It is because people who have been transformed are by deceit and circumstances only and not on their own in majority of cases.
  5. Man can live 45 days without food, 3 days without water, 3 minutes without air. But  he can not survive even 3 seconds without hope.
  6. What has been hurting the mind in secrecy like past shameful acts may serve as tonic to achieve success and rewards tomorrow.
  7. Have the vision to achieve the mission. vision without action is day dreaming. Action without vision is a nightmare.
    8. Common weakness for all men is the tendency to keep quiet when not warranted and shout when it is required to keep quiet.
    9. Time is a great healer to cool and get relief from irretrievable situations.
  10. Don’t brood over the past in the present. Work diligently today, with an eye for tomorrow. Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.
  11. Contentment is our inherent wealth. Search for luxury would onl lead to misery.
  12. Never lose hope lest you should render yourself heartless.
  13. Speak for pleasure. But speak with measure. Have the will to be of service to others.

  14. All's well that ends well. If it does not end well, be sure that the end has not arrived.

  15. We live worrying what the other man thinks about us. But be aware that nobody thinks about us
 16. Being good may be due to circumstances. Living good is due to your own efforts  
17.Remember situations keep changing always and no state
 .     remains static.        .
 18. Quick decisions lead to success. Successful leaders don’t
       change the decisions once taken.. It is foolish to delay or postpone the decisions and also to keep on changing them
 19. Try, try and try again till you succeed.

 20. Don’t be diffident to do when you know what you intend to do is right. - pn


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